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Tree of the year 2017

Sayes Court Mulberry Tree ©DeptfordFolk


DeptfordFolk a park user group in Deptford have nominated John Evelyn’s Mulberry Tree in Sayes Court Park, Lewisham for the Tree of the Year. The competition is run by The Woodland Trust and the winner will receive £1000 to go towards the upkeep of the tree.

They had a spot on ITV London news and they would love to bring the award to Deptford and South East London. The tree has an interesting history and local legend has it that the tree was planted 4oo years ago by Peter the Great of Russia to atone for a drunken rampage through John Evelyn’s garden.

John Evelyn was a writer, gardener and diarist who wrote about trees, pollution and street design. His writings are as relevant today as ever and is a figure of cultural significance for Lewisham.

The whole campaign ties into the #LoveItLewisham and the London Borough of Culture bid.


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Tall Tree Stories – Telegraph Hill, Monday 30 May – 11am

Celebrate London Tree Week

Celebrate London Tree Week

Celebrating trees in London Tree Week

Fun for the family, but more so for children.  You get to hear about trees, some truths, some fibs, and have fun making up tall stories about them too. Everyone has heard of an ‘old wive’s tale’ or two about a tree – here’s your chance to test your wits and your story telling powers – to discover which stories are tree or false?

60 minute – accompanied children 7+ (siblings, parents and grandparents welcome)

When:Monday, 30 May 2016 from 11:00 to 12:00 (BST) Add to Calendar

Where: The Hill Station – Kitto Road, London, SE14 5TW – View Map

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Dacres Wood Open Day – 30 April, 1pm-4pm

Old oak tree © Julie Brummett

Old oak tree © Brummett

The Friends of Dacres Wood have there April open day coming up this Saturday – 1.00 pm to 4.00, so everyone is welcome to have a look round. The reserve is looking very spring like, but the paths are still flooded. We can lend wellies, and in kids sizes too.
They are also planning a tree identification and measuring activity which will help them get a proper map of their trees for the first time, and an idea of how old some of them are.
sketchmap regions

Dacres Wood tree map

They’ve roughly divided the reserve up into 12 regions (see map above) and made a list of which of the total 17 species in the woods that we’ve spotted in each of them. They’ve also noted where the really huge trees are which will need two people to get a tape measure or just some string round them.
They are  still working on details, but we hope our visitors will come away with bark rubbings and leaf prints where feasible (some of the trees are surrounded by water!), and they get the girths of their trees measured, from which we they start working out how old they are. If you leave contact details, they will get back to you with the results, and where your trees are on this map!

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Evening tree ID walk

Join the London Wildlife Trust to celebrate 30 years of conserving Sydenham Hill Wood’s trees as a part of London Tree Week, 11th – 18th May 2013. Sydenham Hill Wood Project Officer Daniel Greenwood will guide attendees around the Wood, identifying trees in leaf and offering an insight into the part they have and will continue to play in our natural and cultural history. This is a free walk, donations are welcome.

Meet inside the Crescent Wood Road kissing gate.

Sydenham Hill Woods

Sydenham Hill Woods

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Festival of Fieldwork – Horniman Museum

Help the Horniman Museum celebrate the Centenary year of the British Ecological Society with an innovative family learning festival of ecological fieldwork which combines expertise of Museum staff and skills of professional field ecologistsExperience first-hand some of the activities that these scientists undertake in order to monitor and make sense of the environment.

Events include

Surveying at Night: Moths on the Wing
Saturday 15th June 9.15pm – 10.30 pm

From Dusk to Dawn: Bats After Dark
Friday 21st June 9.15pm  – 10.30pm

From Dusk to Dawn: Dawn Chorus Walk
Saturday 22nd June  5.00 am – 6.30am

Tree Doctors: The Health of Our Trees
Saturday 29th June 10.30am- 12.00pm

Small Mammals: Furry Friends or Urban Pests?
Saturday 6th July 10.30am – 12.00pm

Close Encounters of the Crawling Kind: Bugs in Our Gardens
Saturday 13th July 10.30am – 12.45pm

Booking Information

Book tickets online, £4 per participating child, adults go free.
A family event for children accompanied by adults, suitable for ages 7 +.
Call 0208 291 8690 for more information.