Latest – Nature’s Gym do guerrilla gardening (sort of)

The Nature's Gym volunteers spent a happy few hours clearing up an area of land outside Dacres Wood Nature Reserve. It has been an area that the volunteers have been keen to get their hands on for a while, so it was great to be able to finally take them there. Last week we focused … Continue reading Latest – Nature’s Gym do guerrilla gardening (sort of)

October – December 2019 Nature’s Gym programme

It is the moment you all most look forward to every quarter – YES –the new Nature’s Gym programme is here. You will find a couple of new sites as well as some old favourites (and some new favourites!). We will be visiting places such as Chrinbrook Community Orchard. Mountsfield Park and The Fourth Reserve. … Continue reading October – December 2019 Nature’s Gym programme

Nature’s Gym programme April-June 2019

Please find attached the new Nature’s Gym programme for April-June 2019. You will notice that there are a couple of TBC sessions, we will update you about these as soon as we know, but we are waiting on other people/organisations to confirm before we can. It is also that time of year for the 3 … Continue reading Nature’s Gym programme April-June 2019

It has been a while since the woodchip chipped!

We have written here on a number of occasions about creating wood chip footpaths. It is always a popular task with the volunteers because of the satisfaction it gives them once it is complete. It is also a great workout with all the wheelbarrowing it takes! The one we built last week was in Chinbrook … Continue reading It has been a while since the woodchip chipped!

Happy Christmas from Nature’s Gym

The Nature's Gym volunteers have had a great year. We have had over 550 volunteers coming to over 50 sessions. We have worked in over 20 of Lewisham's Parks and Nature Reserves. This is £17407.50 worth of work (in relation to LLW) carried out by the Nature's Gym volunteers alone! Thank you to everyone that … Continue reading Happy Christmas from Nature’s Gym

January – March 2019 Nature’s Gym Programme

The new Nature's Gym programme for January - March 2019 is now available. We will be heading back to Chinbrook Allotments to carry on the good work we started there. We will also be heading back to a few favourites including Dacres Wood and Beckenham Place Park. We look forward to seeing you all there. … Continue reading January – March 2019 Nature’s Gym Programme

A very wet day in Hither Green Triangle

It might not look like much at the moment, but this is the new pond in Hither Green Triangle! Come the summer all of the coir rolls that were planted will grow up, and this will be an amazing haven for wildlife. We already know there is lots of life in this pond, we just … Continue reading A very wet day in Hither Green Triangle

New Nature’s Gym programme available

The October-December 2018 Nature's Gym programme is now available. We are always keen to welcome new people, and so if you are keen to join us, please have a look through our Nature's Gym pages and FAQ. Hopefully this will give you all the information you need to join. You can also find out a … Continue reading New Nature’s Gym programme available