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How to be a curious entomologist

Insects are everywhere.  They are so many, and so varied – fascinating, beautiful, mysterious, bizarre. Through their mind-boggling biodiversity they offer us a window into the ecological complexity of life on Earth, and give us a powerful insight of the workings of the natural world.  But their small size means that they can easily be overlooked or ignored.  However it doesn’t take much specialist equipment to have a closer look.  Using simple methods and materials provided, this 1-day workshop will look at techniques to find and observe a wide variety of different insects, then how to preserve sample specimens for examination under the microscope.

Richard Jones (2)

In the morning, we’ll tour the reserve, finding and discussing the many different insect groups — looking at their structure, behaviour, life histories, and some easy identification pointers. In the afternoon, during the laboratory session, there will be the opportunity to look at some in more detail, and consider how studying insects can contribute to our understanding of nature, and the contribution it can make through citizen science.

Curious? Why curious? Entomologists might, at first, seem a bit eccentric, but they pursue their study of the natural world with a passion fuelled by curiosity.

Richard Jones is an acclaimed expert entomologist, a fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and a former President of the British Entomological and Natural History Society. He writes regularly for BBC Wildlife, Countryfile, Gardeners’ World and Sunday Times. He has written several books on insects, including Extreme Insects, The Little Book of Nits, House Guests — House Pests, and Call of Nature — The Secret Life of Dung.

To book, please email Nick Pond or call him on 020 8314 2007.





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Close Encounters of the Crawling Kind: Bugs in Our Gardens

Saturday 13 July, 10.30am-12.45pm at the Horniman Museum

adybird © Ch

adybird © Ch

A chance to trial lots of different collecting techniques. Lift logs to see what’s living underneath, sieve leaf letter, try your hand at sweep netting and dip a pond net in our very own pond. Experts, including Richard ‘Bug man’ Jones will be on hand to introduce the various techniques and help identify and record species. Afterwards, head behind the scenes of the museum to get a closer look at insect specimens and find out more about bug-based research.

A family event for adults accompanied by children, suitable for ages 7 +.  

Buy tickets online, £4 per participating child, accompanying adults go free.

Call 0208 291 8690 for more information.

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Festival of Fieldwork – Horniman Museum

Help the Horniman Museum celebrate the Centenary year of the British Ecological Society with an innovative family learning festival of ecological fieldwork which combines expertise of Museum staff and skills of professional field ecologistsExperience first-hand some of the activities that these scientists undertake in order to monitor and make sense of the environment.

Events include

Surveying at Night: Moths on the Wing
Saturday 15th June 9.15pm – 10.30 pm

From Dusk to Dawn: Bats After Dark
Friday 21st June 9.15pm  – 10.30pm

From Dusk to Dawn: Dawn Chorus Walk
Saturday 22nd June  5.00 am – 6.30am

Tree Doctors: The Health of Our Trees
Saturday 29th June 10.30am- 12.00pm

Small Mammals: Furry Friends or Urban Pests?
Saturday 6th July 10.30am – 12.00pm

Close Encounters of the Crawling Kind: Bugs in Our Gardens
Saturday 13th July 10.30am – 12.45pm

Booking Information

Book tickets online, £4 per participating child, adults go free.
A family event for children accompanied by adults, suitable for ages 7 +.
Call 0208 291 8690 for more information.