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Mayow Park Apple Day 14 October 2017

Mayow Park Apple Day


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July-September 2016 Nature’s Gym programme

Summer is here - time for a bit of Nature's Gym

Summer is here – time for a bit of Nature’s Gym

Please see attached the new Nature’s Gym programme. There are a couple of sites on there that we’ve not been to for a while alongside some old favourites.  Please note that Nature’s Gym is not running on 7th or 14th July. Our first session of the new programme will be on 21st July.  The following week we will be at Pepys Park for a wildflower/butterfly survey.  At this event you will also have the chance to meet with Nick Pond from London Borough lf Lewisham and hopefully a representative of Glendale.  This will be your chance to give feedback on any issues/concerns that you may have.  We will be emailing you a summary of the Feedback Forms you filled out a couple of weeks beforehand so that you will have chance to see what has already been said and our answers to your comments.  Please note that all comments have remained confidential.


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Nature’s Gym April-June 2016 is now available

Help clear up the rivers of Lewisham

Help clear up the rivers of Lewisham

We have made a few changes to the April-June 2016 programme.  These changes have been based on the feedback we received from the volunteers and now include more information about each site and the objectives that we are working towards.  We hope you like the new format, and welcome any comments you may have.  For those of you wondering where the transport information is, we decided to remove this because we felt there was too much information on the old style programme that the actual task could be missed.  Also a number of people tended to call us to ask where things were, so maybe missed this information anyway!  We are planning to produce a document that has all the travel information for all the sites and this will be available soon.

The programme also includes some of the dates for this year’s 3 Rivers Clean Up which will be running from 11th June-2nd July.  Please note that if you want to take part in these events, booking is essential, even for our regular volunteers.