Tree Chalk Walks in Lewisham

In a recent interview on BBC 1 Breakfast a resident of Walthamstow, Rachel Summers, talked about how she has been chalking the names of trees and plants on the pavement along with a little description to help make people’s daily exercise a little bit more interesting. Thanks to a local resident and Planning Tree Officer for Lewisham Borough Council, Valerie Harris, these have also started appearing around Hilly Fields.

We think that this is a lovely idea and so if you would like to do the same in your area, please have a go. Just make sure of three things;

  1. You are sure of the species
  2. You use the correct spelling
  3. You use chalk so they are not permanent.

Also please observe all social distancing and none essential travel regulations.

Feel free to post your photos here or use the hashtag #treesoflewisham on twitter.

It might make people’s daily permitted exercise that little bit more interesting!

Happy hunting.




3 thoughts on “Tree Chalk Walks in Lewisham

  1. You may wish to look at tree walks throughout London:

    Fun Fact – there is a double flowered white Horse Chestnut, ‘Baumannii’. The flower spikes look slightly creamy from a distance and do not produce conkers.

    Enjoy tree exploring!

    Valerie Harris, Planning Tree Officer, Lewisham

  2. Hi Jess, hope all is well with you and the fam. You may have seen my Virtual Tours of our three rivers on WordPress, maybe you would like to share these on Nature Conservation Lewisham. I have referenced Lewisham quite a bit, the link is here: https://mentalmapping.wordpress.comI am happy for you to use this in any way you see fit.Stay Safe X

    1. Hi Lawrence,

      Lovely to hear from you and lovely r=to ‘see’ you last week. I will try to get this up later today or in the week.

      Stay safe,


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