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Biodiversity guidance for planning applicants

Local information requirement, Biodiversity Guidance 

Lewisham Biodiversity Action Plan

Lewisham original Biodiversity Action Plans were written in a document called ‘A Natural Renaissance for Lewisham’. The original document was written in 2007 and set out the Borough’s aspirations for the immediate future regarding the conservation of nature across the Borough.  Progress between 2007-2011 can be found on the new BARS website or you can have a look at the summary spreadsheet produced by the partnership.

‘A Natural Renaissance for Lewisham’ was updated in 2015 and ratified by Mayor and Cabinet in March 2016. The partnership’s past achievements can be viewed below.

We produce summary sheets of all the achievements of the partnership and this will be updated quarterly.

Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership.

The Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership was established in 1999 to develop an action Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership plan for the Borough’s wildlife and natural environment. Presently, the Partnership consists of Lewisham Council, Glendale Managed Services, The Environment Agency, The Creekside Education Trust, Groundwork South East London, Greater London Authority, London Wildlife Trust, Horniman Museum and Gardens and,  most importantly a range of local groups and individuals.  All these groups have an interest in conserving and enhancing Lewisham’s Biodiversity. The work of the Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership has operated in tandem with that of the London Biodiversity Partnership and has taken a considered approach in order that Lewisham’s Biodiversity Action Plan be visionary, pragmatic, achievable and inclusive. The group meets 4 times a year to discuss their achievements and issues that may have arisen.  A copy of the minutes of these meetings can be found below.

Minutes from Lewisham Biodiversity partnership meetings

The next Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership will be held on Wednesday 17th January  2017, please contact Nick Pond or Jess Kyle if you would like to get involved.

Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership minutes from 10th October 2017
Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership minutes from 11th July 2017
Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership minutes from 11th April 2017
Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership minutes from 10th January 2017 

For previous meeting minute not listed here, please email Jess Kyle who would be happy to send them to you.

July – September 2017 Achievements

Lewisham Biodiversity partners carried out 639 events (207 environmental education, 246 volunteering events and 186 walks and presentations). The engaged 28368 people and nature conservation volunteers carried out 5,500 work worth over £160k during the last quarter.

In the last year Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership volunteers deliver 5,500 volunteer workdays worth a staggering £160,904 

Kingfishers return to the borough’s rivers after a notable absence with 27 recorded sightings in the last quarter as opposed to 4 during the previous 6 months

The partnership beats all previous records by delivering 639 events that attract 28,368 people

Living roofs ¾ the size of an adult football pitch implemented via Development Control during the last quarter

Peacock found strutting its stuff in New Cross and female common redstart discovered in Deptford

April – May 2017 Achievements

Garthorne Road Shed - complete

A makeover for the lockup at Garthorne Road

Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership boasts the best ever quarter engaging 16,223 individuals and delivering 137 volunteer workdays (including the 3 Rivers Clean -Up) that deliver 3,201 hours of volunteer work worth £31,210

Blackcap is the bird of the quarter singing prolifically at all Lewisham Bird Champion sites

Peregrine successfully breed near Lewisham Town Centre with juveniles spotted on the wing

An amazing count of 199 butterflies of 11 species in Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery includes 30 marbled whites on one knapweed plant

New phone App encourages the networking of active events in Lewisham Parks

 Garthorne Road Nature Reserve entrance gets a local makeover

 April 2016 – March 2017 Achievements – A year in stats!

8 Richard and raised beds

Working at SHP

Over the last year, the partnership carried out 1662 events, engaging 14,538 adults and 21,881 children! 84 bird boxes and 43 bat boxes were installed and 13 bug hotels were built. For more details, please see our spreadsheet.

January – March 2017 Achievements

3 Pond overview

Folkestone Gardens

Lewisham Biodiversity partners carried out 419 events (165 environmental education, 222 volunteering events and 32 walks and presentations). The engaged 7666 people and nature conservation volunteers carried out 2,736 hours of work worth over £26k during the last quarter.

Redwing is the bird of the quarter with flocks of this winter migrant thrush recorded at Beckenham Place Park, Brockley & Ladywell Cemetery, Brookmill Park, Hilly fields and Ladywell 

Nature conservation volunteers carried out 2,736 hours of work worth £26,676 during the last quarter

Beckenham Place Park will be hosting a day of free activities on 29th April showcasing arts, cultural and well-being organisations

The Partnership has directly engaged 2,139 adults and 4,615 children with nature and wildlife in the last 3 months

Kenneth White legacy grant awarded to improve Garthorne Road Nature Reserve gates, Nathusius Pipistrelle survey project along the Ravensbourne River catchment and 15 Schwegler bird and bat boxes for Lewisham parks and nature reserves

New bespoke gates installed at award winning Devonshire Road Nature Reserve

Dev rd gates

New gates at Devonshire Road nature reserve

The partnership’s achievements between October 2010 – December 2016

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UK Biodiversity

This page sets out the history behind the Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership and what they are doing towards Local and National Biodiversity targets. You will also find regular updates of interesting projects that our partners have carried out in the Borough along with quarterly achievements, along with ways in which you can get involved. Decade_logo


In 1992 the UK Government signed the Rio Convention and committed themselves to halting biodiversity loss.  In response to this the UK Government published the  UK Biodiversity Action Plan 1994.   This led to the production of 436 action plans between 1995 and 1999 to help many of the UK’s most threatened species recover.   A review of the UK priority species list in 2007 identified 1,150 species and 65 habitats that met the BAP criteria at UK level. For information up to March 2012 on the progress of local and national plans please visit the Biodiversity Action Recording System (BARS) website. This is an old website, but still has a lot of useful information on it.  Progress between 2007-2011 can be found on the new BARS website or you can have a look at the summary spreadsheet produced by the partnership.

Local Biodiversity Action Plans

There are 119 local biodiversity action partnerships and nine regional biodiversity that have been established across England.  This  has helped bring about a groundswell of activity and innovation to meet the challenges faced by our biodiversity.

The role of local biodiversity action plans

Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP) identify priorities for biodiversity conservation at a local level.  They work to deliver agreed actions and targets for priority habitats and species and can focus on locally important wildlife and sites.  They aim to reflect the values of local people and provide a focus for local initiatives hope to further the wellbeing of their local areas.  LBAPs, including the one in Lewisham are delivered through wide local partnerships that involve wildlife organisations, local authorities, businesses and other interested parties.  More information about the achievements of LBAPs can be found at Natural England’s report, ‘The Achievements of local biodiversity partnerships in England.’The functions of LBAPs are:

    • To translate national targets for species and habitats into effective action at the local level,
    • To identify targets for species and habitats important to the local area, reflecting the values of local people,
    • To stimulate effective local partnerships to ensure programmes for biodiversity conservation are developed and maintained in the long term,
    • To raise awareness of the need for biodiversity conservation and enhancement in the local context,
    • To ensure opportunities for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity are promoted, understood and rooted in policies and decisions at the local level,
    • To provide a basis for monitoring and evaluating local action for biodiversity priorities, at both national and local levels

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8 thoughts on “Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could put me in contact with the relevant parties regarding speaking to someone to get advice and guidance regarding Lewisham Councils plans to build on shared communal green space attached to my building?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Lucy,

      Please can you let me know which area of green space that you are talking about so that I can look in to this more. Once I know where this is, I can find out what is happening and who you should contact about this.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi,
    I was wondering who I could contact/talk to about Lewisham councils plans to build on communal green space that my building shares in Ladywell. I am looking for advice and guidance, if you send me some contact details for the relevant parties that would be great.
    Many thanks

  3. Dear Councillor Robson,Lee Oasis is a local volunteer group based at the URC chruch hall in Lee. We recycle donated furniture, bedding and clothes free to people leaving the hostels at Mayfield and Ashlee, on Burnt Ash Hill, and other disadvantaged households around Lewisham and borders referred to us by the borough’s social services, Connexions, DIP etc.We have attracted grants to buy in reconditioned cookers and fridges, and pay for PAT testing of donated kettles and microwaves, and expenses for unemployed users wanting to put something back by volunteering themselves. All our services and goods are free. We now have 73 volunteers and our van runs three times a week, picking up and dropping off bulky items that don’t fit in private cars.This year we have been refused the a32,500 Faith in Lewisham Fund grant that covers half our core expenses (diesel, insurance etc) and may have to cut back our service as evictions and homelessness rise.I have only just heard about this Locality grant. Would we qualify, and are we too late??Please advise.Best wishes, Jay Sivell (Ms) for Lee Oasis committeePS Councillor Bentley knows all about us.

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