LATEST – Volunteering opportunities at Iona Close Orchard

A small group of volunteers has been looking after the site over the last few years on the basis of the Council’s management plan, leaving most of the site largely undisturbed. New fruit trees were planted c.2014 to maintain orchard use, and they are thriving. We have a series of volunteer sessions arranged over the next few months as follows:

LATEST – Nature’s Gym is back!

It has been a long time since Nature's Gym has been able to function normally, but we are pleased to announce that from July 2021, we will be back to full strength! If you are new to volunteering with us please email Jess who would be happy to send you all the relevant details. This will include information about how to join and the current programme. If you are one of our regulars, you will receive a new programme shortly. This will no longer be on a booking system, but we will ask you to confirm if you are coming or not to make it easier to plan tasks and work.

Volunteer Recognition Day

© Photo by Sava Marinkovic freeimages

We appreciate and we are thankful for all the wonderful work our volunteers do, every day, but we couldn't let this day go unrecognised! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR ALL THE FANTASITC WORK YOU DO! Lewisham's Parks and Open Spaces are all the better for the work you carry out and it is appreciated. Cheers to each and every one of you!

COVID-19 LATEST – Nature’s Gym – an update

Dear Nature’s Gym volunteers! How are you all? I hope you are all doing well during this difficult period and that you are finding ways to stay healthy and well? It has now been 7 weeks since we had to cancel Nature’s Gym and my Thursdays feel very different without it. We still don’t have … Continue reading COVID-19 LATEST – Nature’s Gym – an update

LATEST – Nature Gym programme January – March 2020

Hooray the new Nature's Gym programme is here! You will see that once again we have some new sites (Horniman Museum) as well as some old favourites. You will also notice that 20th February currently says ‘No Nature’s Gym TBC’. This is because Judith is away, and I am not sure if I will be … Continue reading LATEST – Nature Gym programme January – March 2020

Nature’s Gym do guerrilla gardening (sort of)

The Nature's Gym volunteers spent a happy few hours clearing up an area of land outside Dacres Wood Nature Reserve. It has been an area that the volunteers have been keen to get their hands on for a while, so it was great to be able to finally take them there. Last week we focused … Continue reading Nature’s Gym do guerrilla gardening (sort of)

Classroom build at Frendsbury Garden is looking for volunteers

The Friends of Frendsbury Gardens are looking for volunteers to help them complete their new classroom. This project has all been made possible by the great efforts of the Friends, local community and volunteers all of who have given up their time. They are well on the way, but they still need you help. If … Continue reading Classroom build at Frendsbury Garden is looking for volunteers

Nature’s Gym programme April-June 2019

Please find attached the new Nature’s Gym programme for April-June 2019. You will notice that there are a couple of TBC sessions, we will update you about these as soon as we know, but we are waiting on other people/organisations to confirm before we can. It is also that time of year for the 3 … Continue reading Nature’s Gym programme April-June 2019

January – March 2019 Nature’s Gym Programme

The new Nature's Gym programme for January - March 2019 is now available. We will be heading back to Chinbrook Allotments to carry on the good work we started there. We will also be heading back to a few favourites including Dacres Wood and Beckenham Place Park. We look forward to seeing you all there. … Continue reading January – March 2019 Nature’s Gym Programme