Classroom build at Frendsbury Garden is looking for volunteers

new building ©Harry Brace
New building at Frendsbury Gardens taking shape

The Friends of Frendsbury Gardens are looking for volunteers to help them complete their new classroom. This project has all been made possible by the great efforts of the Friends, local community and volunteers all of who have given up their time. They are well on the way, but they still need you help.

If you think you can help, please visit their Eventbrite page to book a session. Tools, hard hats and expert guidance will be on hand and lunch will be provided for volunteers on the day.

Get involved in tile making at Frendsbury Gardens

If helping build the classroom isn’t your thing then you can also help with tile making. All the tiles for the roof of the building are being individually made. They are about half way, but still need more. Sessions are help on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. All are welcome and you do not need any experience as all help will be given on the day.  Please visit the Friends of Frendsbury gardens Facebook page for more information.

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