LATEST – Volunteering opportunities at Iona Close Orchard

The Friends of Iona Close Orchard write:

The Iona Orchard Nature Reserve Protection Group was formally set up, at a public meeting on 11 March 2020, to safeguard this special site, located behind Ravensbourne Park, Bourneville Road, Iona Close and Ladywell Fields, in Catford.

26. Top of the site
Iona Close Orchard

It’s a ‘site of nature conservation interest’ (SINC), managed as a nature reserve with restricted access (via a locked gate Ladywell Fields). It is a haven of peace and tranquillity – a former orchard, with several ancient fruit trees still standing – and has rich biodiversity.

A small group of volunteers has been looking after the site over the last few years on the basis of the Council’s management plan, leaving most of the site largely undisturbed. New fruit trees were planted c.2014 to maintain orchard use, and they are thriving.

We have a series of volunteer sessions arranged over the next few months as follows:

Sunday 21 November, 1.00-3.00pm
Sundays 5 and 19 December, 1.00-3.00pm
Sundays 9 and 23 January, 1.00-3.00pm

It is likely that there will also be some volunteers on-site on Fridays c.1.30-3.30pm, but if you do plan to come down on a Friday, please check in advance via the email address below. So come on down So come on down to help, or just have a look to help, or just have a look to help, or just have a look to help, or just have a look to help, or just have a look to help, or just havea look !

For more details please get in touch.


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