Nature’s Gym do guerrilla gardening (sort of)

The Nature’s Gym volunteers spent a happy few hours clearing up an area of land outside Dacres Wood Nature Reserve. It has been an area that the volunteers have been keen to get their hands on for a while, so it was great to be able to finally take them there. Last week we focused on clearing the litter from the site and there was a lot of it.

Litter collected on our work day

We also cut a few self-seeded Sycamore to allow more light to reach the floor. You never know what might be in the seed bank and what will come up now that there is light! We will be back this week to do some bulb planting and hopefully uncover the path network that goes through the site. We hope that this will become a regular on our programme and so keep an eye out for further improvements, We are looking forward to restoring this plot and making it a nice place to walk through.


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