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Devonshire Road Nature Reserve Raise The Hut

Hub of the community

The Friends of Devonshire Road Nature Reserve’s events and activities are some of the most loved in our local community. From the yearly musical event “Festival in the Forest” to the term-time educational activity for children “Muddy Boots”. All are firm favourites in the local diaries.

Our hut is end of life

We want to hold more events and activities but we risk being unable to carry on and grow because our hut is end of life. We inherited a 30ft square temporary classroom which was installed in the 1970’s and has served us well for 40 years, but it’s time to build a better building.

Raise the hut

A new sustainable, low energy building using timber, which can be partly constructed by volunteers and timber building enthusiasts will be built. Using grants, funds and crowdfunding by the many locals who love and support the Nature Reserve.

The activity of building the centre will itself bring the community together as a barn raising.

The building will be used to support and expand on all the Nature Reserve’s environmental, education, community and musical activities and events.

You can join us

Thanks to a successful grant application we already have the plans produced by a professional architect. We now need to lay the first foundation stone (or stick!) on the site. This requires far more detailed work to get us through planning. With planning permission, funding to build will be easier. We need £25,000 to take us beyond making a planning application.

What you get from supporting us

By supporting us in our fund raising you get an amazing community space. It can be used for everything from yoga to bird watching. Without you there is no hut, there is no community.


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The Friends of Devonshire Road are looking for your votes

Devonshire Road Nature Reserve image 1


The Friends of Devonshire Road are looking for your votes for their bid to the Aviva Fund. 

The Aviva Community Fund offers you the chance to get funding for causes important to your community. It’s open to everyone, whether you have a connection with Aviva or not. We want you to enter a project for your community and tell us what a difference these funds could make. If they get enough votes from friends, family and supporters in the community the project could make it to the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

It is easy to register and everyone gets 10 votes which the y can either give to one project or spread out amongst more.

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How to be a curious entomologist

How to be a Curious Entomologist

Insects are everywhere. They are so many, and so varied — fascinating, beautiful, mysterious, bizarre. Through their mind-boggling biodiversity they offer us a window into the ecological complexity of life on Earth, and give us a powerful insight of the workings of the natural world. But their small size means they can easily be overlooked or ignored. However it doesn’t take much specialist equipment to have a closer look.

Using simple methods and materials provided, this 1-day workshop will look at techniques to find and observe a wide variety of different insects, then how to preserve sample specimens for examination under the microscope.

In the morning, we’ll tour the reserve, finding and discussing the many different insect groups — looking at their structure, behaviour, life histories, and some easy identification pointers. In the afternoon, during the laboratory session, there will be the opportunity to look at some in more detail, and consider how studying insects can contribute to our understanding of nature, and the contribution it can make through citizen science.

Curious? Why curious? Entomologists might, at first, seem a bit eccentric, but they pursue their study of the natural world with a passion fuelled by curiosity.

Richard Jones is an acclaimed expert entomologist, a fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and a former President of the British Entomological and Natural History Society. He writes regularly for BBC Wildlife, Countryfile, Gardeners’ World and Sunday Times. He has written several books on insects, including Extreme Insects, The Little Book of Nits, House Guests — House Pests, and Call of Nature — The Secret Life of Dung.

  • 86% of participants of this course in 2016 evaluated it as excellent & 14% as good
  • 76% said it was excellent value for money and 24% said they would have happily paid more than £35 for the experience.

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A call to arms – Devonshire Road 24 September 11am

Steps 2

Building steps in Hither green Triangle

The Friends of Devonshire Road are looking for help to finish building steps in the nature reserve.  They will be starting at 11am, but if you can’t make it until later, there is plenty to do, so your help would still be welcomed!  Please email if you think you can help and I will pass on your details to the team.