River wade in Brookmill

The rain held off and the sun shone on the Nature's Gym volunteers this week as they took the the Ravensbourne as part of the 3Rivers Clean Up.  We waded downstream through Brookmill Park removing the litter and Himalayan Balsam. The volunteers as usual did great work and managed to take out over 20 bags … Continue reading River wade in Brookmill

Nature’s Gym feedback

We here at Nature's Gym are always keen to know your thoughts and feedback about the sessions you have attended.  This is why we have set up a 'wall' where you can tell us what you really think!  You may feel that there is a site that we've not visted for a while and you'd … Continue reading Nature’s Gym feedback

A pull and a wade in Chinbrook Meadows

The Nature's Gym volunteers arrived to a Chinbrook Meadows that was bathed in glorious sunshine. It was a truly beautiful Autumnal morning and the perfect day to be outside.  The group had plenty to do, from clearing bankside vegetation to pulling up nettles from the boardwalk.  A few volunteers also braved the river to clear back some of … Continue reading A pull and a wade in Chinbrook Meadows

Getting wet in Dacres Wood

The Nature's Gym volunteers spent a very wet but enjoyable few hours clearing up Dacres Wood last week.  Despite the rain, 10 hardy folk came along to help and managed to get a lot of work done.  They were clearing the site in advance of the site's open day planned by the Forest Hill Society … Continue reading Getting wet in Dacres Wood

Make a Difference Award.

The Nature's Gym group were mysteriously nominated for a Make a Difference Award.  We didn't win on the night, but we were still very proud of our certificate of achievement and delighted to be nominated.  However, we have no idea who nominated us!  We have asked the volunteers and our colleagues and nobody knows, so … Continue reading Make a Difference Award.

Any bug will do

While working at Hilly Fields pulling creeping thistle last week the Nature's Gym volunteers came across a number of bugs, including a meadow brown and cabbage white and numerous grasshoppers and crickets.  At the midday tea break one got a little closer to the tea than most.  It seemed as though it was a tea drinker, but … Continue reading Any bug will do

Location change for Nature’s Gym

Because the Nature's Gym volunteers all worked so hard yesterday (plus lots of other reasons), we have had to move next weeks session to Hilly Fields, where we will be pulling creeping thistle from the meadow area.  We will be meeting on Eastern Road at the usual time.  If you fancy an easy pull, come … Continue reading Location change for Nature’s Gym

Getting wet with the 3 Rivers Clean Up

Nature's Gym volunteers take part in the annual 3 Rivers Clean Up On a rainy Saturday morning a merry bunch of volunteers waded in the River Ravensbourne to clear the litter and pull up Himalayan Balsam.  Suprisingly there was very little litter and not very much Balsam.  We did find some interesting catapillas though on the … Continue reading Getting wet with the 3 Rivers Clean Up

Wildlife Up at Mayfield

     The Nature's Gym volunteers spent a very happy and sunny few hours helping Mayfield develop their wildlife area.  This included the creation of a bug hotel (bottom picture) and a stag beetle loggery.  They also built some beds so that the residents can plant and grow their own food (top two photos).  There … Continue reading Wildlife Up at Mayfield