Man Digs Pond

Back in July 2011 we reported that a very exciting event was going to occur at Albion Millennium Green.  We can now confirm that this will take place from Saturday 5 November 8pm - Sunday 6 November 8pm.  Not only will you get to  observe A Man working for as long as you want, but there will also … Continue reading Man Digs Pond

A pull and a wade in Chinbrook Meadows

The Nature's Gym volunteers arrived to a Chinbrook Meadows that was bathed in glorious sunshine. It was a truly beautiful Autumnal morning and the perfect day to be outside.  The group had plenty to do, from clearing bankside vegetation to pulling up nettles from the boardwalk.  A few volunteers also braved the river to clear back some of … Continue reading A pull and a wade in Chinbrook Meadows

Create your own garden pond

Why have a garden pond? Garden ponds are wonderful haven's for wildlife.   They can provide beauty and interest in your garden and if designed correctly can make a real difference.  You may not get endangered species in your pond, but it can be a real refuge  for many others.  Frogs may be doing better in suburban … Continue reading Create your own garden pond