Nature’s Gym – Saturday 10 September

On Saturday 10th September, the Nature's Gym volunteers will be joining forces with ChArt to carry out some much needed work in Chinbrook Meadows.  Work will involve, clearing the small pond area, cutting back the reeds and clearing some of the nettles the banks. Our good friends at Rivers and People have been doing quite a lot … Continue reading Nature’s Gym – Saturday 10 September

A pull and a wade in Chinbrook Meadows

The Nature's Gym volunteers arrived to a Chinbrook Meadows that was bathed in glorious sunshine. It was a truly beautiful Autumnal morning and the perfect day to be outside.  The group had plenty to do, from clearing bankside vegetation to pulling up nettles from the boardwalk.  A few volunteers also braved the river to clear back some of … Continue reading A pull and a wade in Chinbrook Meadows