Make a Difference Award.

The Nature’s Gym group were mysteriously nominated for a Make a Difference Award.  We didn’t win on the night, but we were still very proud of our certificate of achievement and delighted to be nominated.  However, we have no idea who nominated us!  We have asked the volunteers and our colleagues and nobody knows, so the mystery goes on!  If anyone does know who it was please let us know so we can thank them!

We also need to congratulate one of our long term volunteers Will, who came second in the Length of Service Award.  Will has been volunteering in Lewisham for over 30 years, not just with Nature’s Gym but also the with cross counrty running.  He was one of the original conservation volunteers with the Green Gang and again with BTCV’s Green Gym.  We, at Nature’s Gym are all very proud of him.  Will is pictured below recieving his award from Sybil Phoenix OBE.


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