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Burnt Ash Pond Open Day Sunday 5 July 2015


Burnt Ash Pond Open Day

Burnt Ash Pond Open Day

Please contact the nature conservation manager for more information or call
020 8314 2007

 Address: Burnt Ash Pond, Melrose Close, Off Winn Road, SE12 0AL


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Successful open day at Burnt Ash Pond

The sun did indeed shine on the Friends of Burnt Ash Pond on their open day last Sunday.  About 30 people joined them at the site and enjoyed some very fine home baking courtesy of the hard-working friends.  Cakes, sandwiches, quiche and biscuits were all available!

Baked delights and Burnt Ash Pond

Baked delights and Burnt Ash Pond

On a sadder note, earlier in the year one of the long standing members of the group passed away and the Friends felt that they should plant something in her memory.  Therefore, they decided to plant a pear tree on the site, this was done as part of the open day and there were a number of people there that knew her well.  We all hope that this is a fitting tribute to a lady who cared so much about the site.

A tree in memory of Anne

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Burnt Ash Pond open days

Burnt Ash Pond will be open to the public beteen 11am-12pm on the following dates, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July and 5th August.  Why not pop along to this amazing hidden away site in Lee.  From an Ecological point of view this is one of the finest ponds in the Borough, supporting a good variety of aquatic plants and animals.

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Burnt Ash derives its name from the coppicing of the woods hereabouts for the manufacture of charcoal for sale in London. Burnt Ash Pond is thought to be an old farm pond, although there is little documentary evidence to support this belief. The pond first appeared on the Ordnance Survey 6in map of 1870, when it may have been associated with a brickworks north of Burnt Ash Farm. By the time of the 1908 Ordnance Survey map, it was in the back garden of one of the large houses along Burnt Ash Hill, which were built in the 1870s.


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How much wood does a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? – Part 3

The Nature’s Gym volunteers really are getting the art of the woodchip footpath having previoulsy done it at Ladywell & Brockley Cemetaries and De Frene Road allotments.  Luckily they are yet to tire of it – or they have not told me that they have.

The pile of woodchip arrives...

On a windy but sunny day in March a small group of volunteers, helped by Glendale laid a woodchip footpath around part of the pond.  This was as a result of the Friends meeting where they expressed a desire for some footpath improvements on site.  Those lovely people at Glendale dropped of 2 tonnes of woodchip at entrance to the site.

Barrowing the woodchip

Getting to work on raking out the path

The path

The volunteers also planted 100 bulbs ‘in the green’, 50 snowdrops and 50 wild daffodils.  They were put around the bench and near the entrance.  I am sure that we all look forward to seeing the extra colour that these bulbs will bring to the site. Towards the end of the day, the sun really did come out and everyone was rewarded with a nice cup of tea and some jammy dodgers – a big volunteer favourite!