How much wood does a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? – Part 3

The Nature’s Gym volunteers really are getting the art of the woodchip footpath having previoulsy done it at Ladywell & Brockley Cemetaries and De Frene Road allotments.  Luckily they are yet to tire of it – or they have not told me that they have.

The pile of woodchip arrives...

On a windy but sunny day in March a small group of volunteers, helped by Glendale laid a woodchip footpath around part of the pond.  This was as a result of the Friends meeting where they expressed a desire for some footpath improvements on site.  Those lovely people at Glendale dropped of 2 tonnes of woodchip at entrance to the site.

Barrowing the woodchip
Getting to work on raking out the path
The path

The volunteers also planted 100 bulbs ‘in the green’, 50 snowdrops and 50 wild daffodils.  They were put around the bench and near the entrance.  I am sure that we all look forward to seeing the extra colour that these bulbs will bring to the site. Towards the end of the day, the sun really did come out and everyone was rewarded with a nice cup of tea and some jammy dodgers – a big volunteer favourite! 

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