Burnt Ash Pond open days

Burnt Ash Pond will be open to the public beteen 11am-12pm on the following dates, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July and 5th August.  Why not pop along to this amazing hidden away site in Lee.  From an Ecological point of view this is one of the finest ponds in the Borough, supporting a good variety of aquatic plants and animals.

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Burnt Ash derives its name from the coppicing of the woods hereabouts for the manufacture of charcoal for sale in London. Burnt Ash Pond is thought to be an old farm pond, although there is little documentary evidence to support this belief. The pond first appeared on the Ordnance Survey 6in map of 1870, when it may have been associated with a brickworks north of Burnt Ash Farm. By the time of the 1908 Ordnance Survey map, it was in the back garden of one of the large houses along Burnt Ash Hill, which were built in the 1870s.


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