Man Digs Pond

Man Digs Pond – Live

For 24 hours,

A Man will move.
A Man may sing.
A Man will not speak.
A Man may cry.
A Man will not leave until A Man has dug a pond.

Performer, Bruno Roubicek is creating a brand new show:

“Man Digs Pond.”

Over 24 hours, from midday to midday the following day, A Man will create a wilfdlife pond in Albion Millennium Green with a garden bog area, flora and fauna and a rock garden desigbed to benefit amphibians.  The pond will be surrounded by a rope barrier to comply with health and safety regulations. 

Throughout the 24 hour period, audiences will be able to observe A Man working.  The event will be free but the audience will be invited to make a donation towards the projects which will benefit The Green and there will be a simple self service ticket system to keep track of audience numbers.

Albion Millennium Green will be left with a wildlife pond to benefit humans and wildlife for many years to come.


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