Man Digs Pond

Back in July 2011 we reported that a very exciting event was going to occur at Albion Millennium Green.  We can now confirm that this will take place from Saturday 5 November 8pm – Sunday 6 November 8pm.  Not only will you get to  observe A Man working for as long as you want, but there will also be an opportunity to sing if you want to!

School choirs and groups and individuals of mixed singing ability will sing a song or two as an accompaniment to the action. From 1.00pm till 8.00pm Sunday you can just turn up and sing anything you want. As long as there is nothing offensive in the lyrics. There will be no amplified sound, so no microphones. Feel free to bring an acoustic instrument. Out of respect to the neighbours there will be no drumming after dark.

From 1.00pm – 8.00pm on Sunday, delicious and great value bbq food will be for sale, (with veggie options).

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