Nature’s Gym at Frendsbury Gardens

Nature's Gym volunteers get to work on 'live' willow hedge
Nature’s Gym volunteers get to work on ‘live’ willow hedge

The last Nature’s Gym session of the year was held in Frendsbury Gardens on Saturday.  A chill wind blew, but the volunteers stayed enthusiastic – maybe it was the thought of the tea and mince pies that were to come!  Some of the volunteers spent time weeding the beds, especially the herbaceous boarders.  A few others got to work building a ‘live’ willow hedge near the pond.   The Friends didn’t want to make it too high because people still wanted to see the pond, so it was build to act as more of a visual barrier. Hopefully, when it grows it will look natural and fit in with the natural surroundings of the Garden. It was a bit of an experiment, so we look forward to going back in the Spring to see if it has worked! The willow dome where Little Explorers holds story time looks great – so we have high hopes!

(with thanks to Lumen for the photos)

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