Tesco Local Community Grants – Deadline Friday 11th December

Community Grants are availabel, but the deadline is tight

The Tesco Community Grant which is funded through the 5p carrier  bag charge and administered by Groundwork has been hugely under subscribed with many borough’s not receiving any applications. There are 3 grants of up to £12,000 available in each London Borough this round of funding.

Due to poor take up and few applications being received the application process has been re-opened until noon Friday 11th December. Not long, we know, so get thinking!

Restrictions have also been relaxed so that groups and venues not open to the public 6 days per week can now apply providing you can demonstrate wider community benefits. The time line for completion of projects has also been extended from 6 months to 12 months.

Applicants no longer have to include  landlords permission at the initial stage of application, as long as it can be provided at a later  date prior to receiving an award.

Community interest companies, constituted  community groups, TRA’s, charities and schools/colleges are eligible to apply, as long as you can provide a copy of your constitution.

Grants of £8k, £10k and £12k are available with up to 10% of the total grant eligible for spend on staff costs and training – the rest should be capital.




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