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A change is as good as a bike ride

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Change in location

Change in location

The new (programme link includes change) Nature’s Gym programme may have only been out for a few days, but we have already had to make a change.  Our session on 22nd October 2015 will now be at Lower Sydenham Cycle Path.  This is a project that we have been working on n partnership with Sustrans who own the site. We have worked on this site a few times in the past, but there is still a lot to do. Come a long and find out their plans for the site and see how you can help.

Please pass this message on to any volunteer you see that may not see this post.  We will of course remind you nearer the time as well.


One thought on “A change is as good as a bike ride

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    A wee reminder! Don’t go to the wrong place!

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