Wildcat Wilderness – Rushy Green Time Bank

A natural wilderness on your doorstep
A natural wilderness on your doorstep

While on the phone to a colleague yesterday I learnt about a wonderful sounding project.  I promised her I would feature it on the blog, so here goes!

Wild Cat Wilderness is a community green space in Catford coordinated by the Rushey Green Time Bank. It is a natural wilderness on your doorstep, which you can help shape and get involved in. It is your community space where you can explore nature and the wildlife, play or relax in its peacefulness, learn new outdoor skills or crafts, share and enjoy the space with other local people of all ages, cultures, faiths and abilities.

How can I get involved?
There are many different ways you and your friends, neighbours and family can held develop this wonderful wild space.
We need people to help:

  • Clear rubbish
  • Make it safe
  • Make it inviting and attractive
  • Create paths
  • Make things
  • Decide stuff

You really don’t need any particular skills but you might learn something new or share with others what you are good at. Rushey Green Time Bank has a team of people on hand to help you and a project coordinator called Maria.

Wish tree
Wish tree

If you would like to receive updates of what is happening in the future, please sign up!

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