How much wood would a woodchuck chuck – Part 2


The path in progress

The Nature’s Gym volunteers are getting used to building footpaths, creating loggeries and digging out bramble and they seem to enjoy it.  On Thursday 17 November 2011 they spent yet another very happy few hours digging, barrowing, raking and toiling at De Frene Road allotments.  This is a new site for the volunteers and they all really enjoyed their first visit there.  The allotments are part of  the Sydenham Gardens Project who have managed to secure the site on a long lease.  They have many plans for the allotments and have had many groups help on site.  The work the Nature’s Gym volunteers were just a small part of their long-term aims and it was great to be part of this.  Different groups of volunteers each carried out important activities.  One group cleared barmble from around the fruit trees and in the meadow areas, one group built a stag beetle loggery and a couple of groups worked on building a new footpath. 

Digging woodchip for the path

The volunteers started by laying down a matting to lay out the direction of the footpath, this will also help prevent grass and weeds growing through the path.  The matting was held down with pins and the edges were lined with wood. Large amounts of woodchip was then barrowed on to the path. This the has to be raked over evenly to make sure all the matting was covered.

Raking on the path
Raking on the path
Testing out the path!

 Once all this is done you have a lovely new footpath through your allotments!  There is still a long way to go on this site, and there is always time to discuss your future tasks and how to you will make them work.  

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