Tree Planting in Beckenham Place Park

 As mentioned earlier on this blog, the Nature’s Gym volunteers have been helping the Friends of Beckenham Place Park and other local groups plant trees in the former burning yard area of Beckenham Place Park.

Digging a hole for the tree!

So on a rather glorious Thursday, 17 merry volunteers prepared the area, then dug and planted a mixture of trees, including Silver birch Betula pendula and Blackthorn Prunus spinosa.  They also had to stake the trees and attach a watering tube – making sure the trees were upright of course!

Attaching the water pipe
Adding the stake

After lots of raking and digging the volunteers planted 10 trees.  There is still a long way to go, but our nature conservation colleague has a number of sessions planned with the Friends and other local groups, so hopefully the are will be planted up soon.

Overview of the planting site


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