Old Tidemill School and Garden

On Saturday November 16th, the lovely volunteers at Old Tidemill School are holding a very important event where they will be taking part in some filming for a TV vote to help them secure funding from the People's Millions.  You can help! Owen from the project says; "With the support of the charity London Play we have … Continue reading Old Tidemill School and Garden

Lewisham Community Garden Forum

Following on from previous feedback requesting the establishment of a Lewisham Community Garden Forum, London Borough of Lewisham would like to invite you to an informal gathering on Monday 20 February at the Creekside Centre, 14 Creekside, Deptord, London, SE8 4SA. The aim of the meeting will be to explore what form future meetings can take, what … Continue reading Lewisham Community Garden Forum

Create your own garden pond

Why have a garden pond? Garden ponds are wonderful haven's for wildlife.   They can provide beauty and interest in your garden and if designed correctly can make a real difference.  You may not get endangered species in your pond, but it can be a real refuge  for many others.  Frogs may be doing better in suburban … Continue reading Create your own garden pond

Blooming Marvellous

The annual Lewisham in Bloom competition is here again The competition, open to residents, schools and businesses, gives recognition to the best front gardens, residential planters, business premises, school grounds, wildlife gardens and community gardens in the borough.    There are seven categories: Category A: Residential front garden (small – under 20m squared) Category B: … Continue reading Blooming Marvellous

Wildlife Up at Mayfield

     The Nature's Gym volunteers spent a very happy and sunny few hours helping Mayfield develop their wildlife area.  This included the creation of a bug hotel (bottom picture) and a stag beetle loggery.  They also built some beds so that the residents can plant and grow their own food (top two photos).  There … Continue reading Wildlife Up at Mayfield

Looking after birds this Winter

Encourage the birds into your garden this winter by following the RSPB's top tips for looking after them through the cold snap...       1. Introduce a bird table and high calorie seed mixes. This can also be used to put out kitchen scraps such as animal fats, grated cheese and soaked dried fruit.  2. … Continue reading Looking after birds this Winter