Kings Fund report extols virtue of gardening and volunteering

Volunteering and gardening are great for you health
Volunteering and gardening are great for you health

A report published in May 2016 by the Kings Fund, has stated that,

“Gardens are therefore important to our health due to the numbers of people who engage with them in many different ways and for different reasons.”

 It goes on to say:

Increasing people’s exposure to, and use of, green spaces has been linked to long-term reductions in overall reported health problems (including heart disease, cancer and musculoskeletal conditions); it has also been linked to reduced levels of obesity and high physical activity, and higher self-rated mental health. Living in areas with green spaces also seems to weaken the effect of income inequalities on health. Gardens can provide other important environmental functions, such as reducing flood risk and moderating climate and pollution, which have knock-on benefits for health.

It is quite a long report, but the Executive Summary is well worth a read, because it explains this very nicely.  Maybe now is an even better time to go out and volunteer in one of your local parks and nature reserves, or maybe join a Friends Group – it could do you wonders!


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