De Frene Road Allotments

The Nature’s Gym last visited De Frene Road in November 2011.  Yesterday, like then they spent a few happy  hours digging, barrowing, raking and toiling at these allotments.  This is still a relatively new site for the volunteers having only been here once before.  The allotments are part of  the Sydenham Gardens Project who have managed to secure the site on a long lease.  They have many plans for the allotments and have had many groups help on site.

The volunteers started by clearing back the overgrown path

The work the Nature’s Gym volunteers were just a small part of their long-term aims and it was great to be part of this. It is hoped that they will eventually be able to turn it in to a Market Garden and we could all see why.  The site has amazing fruit trees and massive potential.  We could see that they have made a start towards this aim and were pleased that we could help them.

Moving brambles

The volunteers also dug up brambles near the entrance to the site and along the footpath.  There are a lot of brambles and still plenty of work to do for any willing volunteer!  As this was happening the footpath continued to take shape as we topped it up with more woodchip  – the pile of woodchip was also a bramble haven!

The ‘topped up’ path

We are hoping to come back to the site in January to carry on with the work we started.  We still need to take the path all the way to the entrance of the site and we are sure that there will still be a few more bramble to cut – there always is!

Making use of the path!

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