Your local woodland is full of different HABITATSNot all plants and animals like living in the same habitat. Some like cool, damp, places while others like dryer, lighter areas.  Some nest high in the trees, others in holes in dead tree trunks.  The more habitats in the woodland, the more different wildlife can live there

The main thing to know about forest and woodland habitats is that they are areas that have a lot of trees pretty close to each other. Woodlands are a little more open than forests – woodlands have space to let a bit of light in between trees, while forests have so many trees that it’s actually pretty dark when you walk around.

Trees can grow pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as it’s in a spot that has enough water for them. Because of that, forest habitats can be very different depending where in the world they are. There are many different kinds of trees, but a couple of the main groups are coniferous trees and deciduous trees.

Tree Worksheets

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