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Woodland Story Workshops with StoryHug

10-12pm Friday 18th September 2015

Dacres Wood


£5 per child all ages welcome


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Lewisham nature walk Sunday 30th August

Meadows & Woods

The next walk is this Sunday 30 August, meet outside Grove Park station at 2pm. This is a circular walk about 3 miles in length and lasting 2/2.5 hours. There is an upward slope at one stage, otherwise the ground is reasonably level. Paths may be slightly muddy so please wear appropriate footwear. We will start by following the course of the Quaggy stream as it flows through Chinbrook Meadows and look at some of the trees and flowers.

We’ll then follow the railway path to Elmstead Wood which is partly ancient woodland and dates back at least to the 14th century. As its name indicates, the wood was known for its elm trees until the advent of Dutch Elm disease in the last century. Oak is now one of the predominant trees along with hornbeam, sweet chestnut, silver birch, hawthorn and others. The wood is also home to some remarkable carvings by the ‘chainsaw sculptor’ Will Lee and some murals by local schoolchildren.


After a good stroll around the wood, we’ll return to Chinbrook Meadows for an optional stop at the cafe and then back to Grove Park for buses or trains.


LEWISHAM NATURE WALKS Sunday 9 August meet – 2pm Ladywell station

Riverdale Sculpture Park with ‘Lewisham Natureman‘ white stag amongst the graffiti

Riverdale Sculpture Park with ‘Lewisham Natureman‘ white stag amongst the graffiti

For the next walk on Sunday 9 August, we will be following the river Ravensbourne from Ladywell to its confluence with the Thames at the mouth of Deptford Creek. The walk will go via the Riverdale Sculpture Park (a little-known green space on Molesworth Street), Cornmill Gardens (by the Glass Mill leisure centre), the wonderful Brookmill Park and Deptford Creek which we will view from the Ha’Penny Hatch Bridge and the Laban Centre.

We will meet at 2pm outside Ladywell rail station. The walk is three miles long on level terrain and should last about two and a half hours. At the end, we should be able to cross the new pedestrian bridge over the creek mouth and walk along a short section of the Thames Path to Greenwich for train, DLR or buses home.

deptford creek

Deptford creek

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A pair of peregrine falcons have returned to nest in Lewisham


A pair of peregrine falcons which have made their home on the roof of the old Citibank building in Molesworth Street have returned to roost.


The couple have become the proud parents of four chicks and nest site monitor John Chapman from the London Peregrine Partnership is keen to make people aware of what to do if they see a chick out of the nest.

He said: “People have a habit of moving them, we do not want that.

“We want people to ring us and we can come along and pick the bird up.

“There’s no reason for them to remove the bird from the area, nine times out of ten the parents know where it is.”

Mr Chapman added the best place to see the chicks and their parents would be in front of the police station.

Peregrine’s have also been spotted at the Greenwich Clocktower

Under UK law it is a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take a peregrine falcon.

If anyone spots a peregrine falcon chick out of the nest they should call John Chapman on 07894 030938.

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Wildlife walk – Sunday 14 June -2pm

Wildlife walk – Sunday 14 June


Meet outside Sydenham station (on the Station Approach side) at 2pm. The guided walk will go through Sydenham Wells Park and then go on to explore the Hillcrest Estate Woodland and the Dulwich and Sydenham Hill woods. We’ll see a lake and a nature reserve, both ends of a disused rail tunnel, birds, beasts and flowers and some beautiful woodland – parts of which are remnants of the Great North Wood which once covered much of the area.

The walk will last approx 2.5 hours, covers approx 3 miles and contains quite a few ups and downs. In other words, it will be great exercise! Hope to see you there…