Lewisham nature walk Sunday 30th August

Meadows & Woods



The next walk is this Sunday 30 August, meet outside Grove Park station at 2pm. This is a circular walk about 3 miles in length and lasting 2/2.5 hours. There is an upward slope at one stage, otherwise the ground is reasonably level. Paths may be slightly muddy so please wear appropriate footwear. We will start by following the course of the Quaggy stream as it flows through Chinbrook Meadows and look at some of the trees and flowers.

We’ll then follow the railway path to Elmstead Wood which is partly ancient woodland and dates back at least to the 14th century. As its name indicates, the wood was known for its elm trees until the advent of Dutch Elm disease in the last century. Oak is now one of the predominant trees along with hornbeam, sweet chestnut, silver birch, hawthorn and others. The wood is also home to some remarkable carvings by the ‘chainsaw sculptor’ Will Lee and some murals by local schoolchildren.


After a good stroll around the wood, we’ll return to Chinbrook Meadows for an optional stop at the cafe and then back to Grove Park for buses or trains.

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