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A pair of peregrine falcons have returned to nest in Lewisham


A pair of peregrine falcons which have made their home on the roof of the old Citibank building in Molesworth Street have returned to roost.


The couple have become the proud parents of four chicks and nest site monitor John Chapman from the London Peregrine Partnership is keen to make people aware of what to do if they see a chick out of the nest.

He said: “People have a habit of moving them, we do not want that.

“We want people to ring us and we can come along and pick the bird up.

“There’s no reason for them to remove the bird from the area, nine times out of ten the parents know where it is.”

Mr Chapman added the best place to see the chicks and their parents would be in front of the police station.

Peregrine’s have also been spotted at the Greenwich Clocktower

Under UK law it is a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take a peregrine falcon.

If anyone spots a peregrine falcon chick out of the nest they should call John Chapman on 07894 030938.


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Evening Bird Walk Sydenham Hill Wood

Evening Bird Walk Sydenham Hill Wood

14th May 7-9pm

SHW 14.05.15 evening bird walk

The annual evening bird walk at Sydenham Hill Wood.

The walk will begin inside the Crescent Wood Road noticeboard at 19:00 finishing in the same place between 90 minutes to 2 hours later. Please wear sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for the conditions. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. This walk is free, donations are welcome. Booking is not necessary. In the event of thunder storms, high winds or prolonged heavy rain the walk will be postponed.

In recent weeks buzzards have been seen circling over the Wood and in the locale, with more activity from tawny owls, kestrels and an array of migrant warblers, resident woodpeckers and tuneful thrushes.


Daniel Greenwood

Conservation Project Officer, Sydenham Hill Wood

London Wildlife Trust – Protecting London’s wildlife for the future

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Blythe Hill Fields big bird watch

Blythe Hill Fields bird watch

Blythe Hill Fields bird watch

Bird populations are a great indicator of the health of the countryside. That’s why it’s so important to take part in surveys like the Big Garden Birdwatch to keep an eye on the ups and downs of the wildlife where we live.  The Friends of Blythe Hill Fields are taking part in their own great bird watch, but if you would like to take part by counting birds in your own garden, it is easy to register.  You can also find more information about last years BGW here.




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New Bird Champion data

You may or may not know, but in a few of Lewisham’s Parks we have some keen bird watchers who keep us up to date with what they have seen and also record this on a national database called birdtrack.  Birdtrack describes itself as “an exciting project, through a partnership between the BTO, the RSPB, Birdwatch Ireland, the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club and the Welsh Ornithological Society, that looks at migration movements and distributions of birds throughout Britain and Ireland. BirdTrack provides facilities for observers to store and manage their own personal records as well as using these to support species conservation at local, regional, national and international scales.”

We call these talented bunch ‘Bird Champions’.  If you think your local park could use a Bird Champion or if you are keen to become one, please visit our parks page for more details.  You can keep up to date with what has been seen at these parks at the Bird Champion section of the parks page.  There is new Bird Champion data available for a number of our sites for October 2013..