Give Wildlife the Green Light

Toad © Jess Kyle

National amphibian and reptile charity Froglife are launching a new ‘Wildlife Road Mortality Webinar’ on 10th March 2021, beginning at 1pm.

They write:

Having already successfully co-ordinated the nationwide ‘Toads on Roads’ project for 30 years and with the recent launch of their  ‘Wildlife Tunnel Campaign’ for all amphibians, reptiles and small mammals, Froglife will be hosting a global webinar on ‘Wildlife Road Mortality on 10th March 2021’. Speakers will present from both UK perspectives (covering reptiles, hedgehogs and other mammals) and international findings (from India and Canada) as they share their research on wildlife road mortality in their respective regions, and of creatures large and small.

The conference, which begins at 1pm with a twenty minute welcome and opening address from Froglife CEO, Kathy Wormald, will be followed by Debobroto Sircar, speaking from the Indian Widlife Trust on the work of Roadwatch, India. Later Sean Boyle will be sharing his studies on mammals and amphibians in Ontario and in between we have UK speakers from Project Splatter, Froglife and also Hugh Warwick from the Hedgehog Preservation Society who will be speaking on Hedgehog Mortality on UK Roads.

Kathy Wormald, CEO, Froglife said. “By discussing and sharing our research and initiatives we hope to show decision-makers that we need to work with nature, not against it. We need to give wildlife the green light.”

Attendance is FREE but to guarantee yourself a ticket and to find out more please click on the following link

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