Latest News – Wee’vil Rock You!

Beckenham-Azolla (Copywrite Ebsford Environmental)

As many of you know Beckenham Place Park has seen a huge transformation over the last couple of years. One of these has been the old ‘danger deep’ pond or Stumps Hill Pond which thanks to funding from Pocket Parks Plus (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) (applications now closed) and Veolia Environmental Trust has had a whole new lease of life with boardwalks and some tree removal to make it less dark. Unfortunately, soon after it was finished an invasive plant called Azolla, a floating water fern and one of the UKs most invasive non-native aquatic species started taking over. Azolla was brought over by the Victorians as an ornamental plant. Unfortunately it escaped in to our natural ecosystem. it forms a dense mat on the ponds and shuts out any light thus harming any life that might be living in the pond and depleting it of oxygen. A solution was needed! Step in Ebsford Environmental who came up with a solution! Watch the video below for what they did!

Weevil release to combat invasive Azolla – Ebsford Environmental

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