Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership Meeting 12 January 2021

Buzzard @Deonshire Road by Nigel Kersey

Hope you are all keeping safe during the current lockdown and still manage to get out and about in your local green space for the daily exercise.

Thank you for everyone who joined us at our quarterly meeting on Tuesday. It was great hearing all the updates and that despite the lockdown and Tier 4 we still managed to organise 95 events and engage over 500 people, all of course in line with Covid guidance!

Please find attached the minutes from the meeting, the BARs summary sheet and wildlife records for the quarter. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments on any of these.

The proposed date for the next meeting is 4pm on 20th April 2021.

Highlights for the quarter

Lewisham became 2nd at the annual Good Parks for London evaluation, an assessment of London boroughs’ park service against ten criteria. Lewisham scored highest for collaboration with local groups such as the Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership. Thank you again for all your work and support, we couldn’t have achieved this result without you.

A buzzard was captured on video feeding in Devonshire Road Nature Reserve (photo by Nigel Kersey).


Brown argus was recorded in Sue Godfrey Nature Park for the first time

Eels were found in the tray for the first time since the start of the Ravensbourne Riverfly Monitoring scheme in 2016 (video on Facebook).

The Horniman Museum’s Bee Garden won the Bees Needs Champions Award (photo from the Museum’s website).

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