Your April – June 2020 sightings and Kenneth White Grant

As you know there were no events or volunteering in the past few months so this update will be slightly different from the usual email you receive from us.

Thank you to everyone who sent us their sightings and experiences during lockdown. It was really great to hear that you all managed to keep in contact with nature by going on walks, picking litter, pulling Himalayan Balsam or even pickling walnuts! We also noticed that there was an increase in slow worm, swift and raptor (hobby, peregrine, kestrel and even red kite) sightings which is great news. Please find attached an excel sheet with all the sightings we received for this quarter.

We would like to continue the Kenneth White Legacy Award and we created a very simple form to help standardising the process. The Award is for nature conservation and the total amount available for all projects is £2,500 each year. Please send me your proposals by 24th August so we can discuss them at the next Partnership meeting which we hope to organise in September either in person or virtually.

And now, without further ado some of the highlights for the quarter:

Mayor and Cabinet approved Lewisham’s Parks and Open Spaces Strategy 2020-25 (attached).

Wisdom of Surgeons or Herb Sophia appeared again on Sue Godfrey Nature Park this year – last spotted there over 25 years ago (photo on Twitter)!

Emperor dragonfly laying eggs ©Nick Baelz

Mandarin Ducks and Little Grebes were enjoying the lake in Beckenham Place Park along with many dragonflies and damselflies (photo of an Emperor Dragonfly, courtesy of Nick Baelz).

Cuckoo flowers were back in Mayor Park Orchard and Glendale delayed mowing till after seeds have set.

Nuthatch at Nestbox © Tom Moulton

Nuthatches were nesting for the first time in Hilly Fields (photo attached, courtesy of Tom Moulton).


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