Dacres Wood Open Day – 30 April, 1pm-4pm

Old oak tree ©FreeImages.com Julie Brummett
Old oak tree ©FreeImages.com/Julie Brummett
The Friends of Dacres Wood have there April open day coming up this Saturday – 1.00 pm to 4.00, so everyone is welcome to have a look round. The reserve is looking very spring like, but the paths are still flooded. We can lend wellies, and in kids sizes too.
They are also planning a tree identification and measuring activity which will help them get a proper map of their trees for the first time, and an idea of how old some of them are.
sketchmap regions
Dacres Wood tree map
They’ve roughly divided the reserve up into 12 regions (see map above) and made a list of which of the total 17 species in the woods that we’ve spotted in each of them. They’ve also noted where the really huge trees are which will need two people to get a tape measure or just some string round them.
They are  still working on details, but we hope our visitors will come away with bark rubbings and leaf prints where feasible (some of the trees are surrounded by water!), and they get the girths of their trees measured, from which we they start working out how old they are. If you leave contact details, they will get back to you with the results, and where your trees are on this map!

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