Wildlife Gym at Old Tidemill wildlife garden

Old Tidemill wildlife garden
Old Tidemill wildlife garden

Grow, Cook Eat, Meet

Connect with people and nature and get ,active at Wildlife Gym. Combining food growing, conservation and cooking.

Develop new skills and knowledge about wildlife and food growing. Improve your health and wellbeing by cooking and eating fresh healthy meals and have fun, whilst meeting new people.

Find out more at their Project Dirt page.

Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden
Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden

Where: Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden, Reginald Road, Deptford SE8 4RS

When: Wildlife Gym runs every Friday from 10am to 1pm. Please arrive at 9.45am to join in the group introduction when newcomers will be welcomed and the gardening and cooking tasks for the day are discussed.

Cost: A healthy freshly cooked lunch will be shared from 12pm, donations are welcome. If you would just like to join just for the sit down lunch there is a suggested donation of £3.

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