Building a bug hotel in Albion Millennium Green

Building a bug hotel
Building a bug hotel

The Nature’s Gym volunteers recently spent a very happy few hours at Albion Millennium Green. The Friends of Albion Millennium Green have been hard at work themselves recently, so there had been a lot of changes to the site. It was great to see it looking so loved and cared for and they really have done great work.  The volunteers were there to help with the footpath and some general clearance around the site. They also helped to build a bug hotel.  The volunteers are not new to this, having built one on a site in Lee a few years ago and one near Grove Park, but they do not mind building them because they are such fun to create . Bug hotels are also very easy to create and are great for attracting wildlife to your garden. Why not give it a go?

In the video below, our friends at the Horniman Museum show you how its done!

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