Nature’s Gym at Pepys Nature Area

Back in April, the Nature’s Gym volunteers made two visits to of Upper Pepys Park to start clearing the nature area.  We  dug up some of the buddleia that had been planted and continued to cut it back from some of the path network.   However, we had to be careful cutting any buddlleia because were in bird nesting season and the last thing that we wanted to do was disturb them and their nests! The plan behind this was to increase the meadow areas and create more habitat diversity.

Clearing the Buddleia

This time we were working outside of the bird nesting season so were able to start tackling the masses of Buddleia that seems to be swamping the other trees including poplars.  As always there was still some bramble to cut through first, but the volunteers toiled on and got plenty of work done.  It was a fantastic effort by all and I am sure that they are looking forward to getting stuck in again next week!

Safety first!
Snedding Buddliea

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