Help to plant a new Community Orchard in Mayow Park

 On Saturday 28th January from 12pm-3pm, the Friends of Mayow Park will be working with the London Orchard Project to plant 10 fruit trees and a fruit hedge.  They will be there to offer their assistance and expertise to the volunteers!

Site of proposed new community orchard

So why not come along and help to plant 10 fruit trees and a fruit hedgerow?  Wear warm clothes suitable for digging and planting.  We would like people to be involved as orchard carers to look after these trees. If you are interested please contact the Friends of Mayow Park or call 020 8244 4259

Refreshments will be available to purchase at Grow Mayow

This project has been organised by London Orchard Project, Friends of Mayow Park (FOMP) and Lewisham Greenscene.

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