There I was digging a hole….

The Nature’s Gym visited Frendsbury Gardens yesterday to dig out a pond that needed relining.  In parts the soil was around 60cm deep, so it was hard and exhausting work.  Using mattocks, spades and shovels, they did manage to expose parts of the liner.  Once all the soil has been removed, new liner will be put in and some soil replaced. The pond will then be replanted and hopefully home to some new inhabitants.

There is still a long way to go to expose all the lining in the pond, but they did make a good start and definitely deserved the tea time break with tea and cake!  As did the volunteers thay spent a happy few hours weeding the garden.  Frendsbury Gardens is a fantastic site and relies on the hard work and dedication of volunteers.  Weeding this Community Garden is no mean feet.

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