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Butterfly walk at Sydenham Hill Wood – Sunday 24 July, 2pm-4pm

Comma © Daniel Greenwood

Comma © Daniel Greenwood

A guided butterfly walk in Sydenham Hill Wood

Please note booking is essential for this event

Join London Wildlife Trust’s Sydenham Hill Wood volunteer Emma Pooley for a guided walk looking at the range of butterflies that can be found in an urban woodland.

Sydenham Hill Wood is a mixture of ancient and secondary woodland with large, sunny glades where butterflies bask, feed and breed in the spring and summer months. We are likely to encounter speckled wood, comma, peacock, red admiral, skippers and whites. This walk is also an opportunity to raise awareness of bees, moths, dragonflies and all the other invertebrates which play such a vital role in the ecosystems we depend on for a healthy environment.

The weather is key in the success of this walk. If there is prolonged rain, thunderstorms or high winds the walk will be postponed to a later date.

Please bring clothing suitable for the conditions (sun hat, sun cream and water if needed) as well as footwear suitable for uneven paths and gentle inclines.

This is a free walk, donations to London Wildlife Trust are welcome.

Event Location

Inside the Crescent Wood Road gate by the London Wildlife Trust noticeboard
Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox’s Walk,
SE26 6LS

Booking Essential


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Nature’s Gym location change



Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to change the location of this Thursday’s Nature’s Gym. We will now be at Garthorne Road nature reserve creating more woodland scallops.

We are creating these because, open space is the most important part of a woodland for butterflies, especially its edge habitat where the warmest conditions are found.  Cutting scallops creates a varied, zoned edge structure. Scallops also reduce shading along the adjacent ride and have great potential to improve any existing ride side butterfly habitat. They will increase the overall structural diversity of the woodland and provide sheltered herb-rich grassy areas (Butterfly Conservation Trust.).



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Butterfly Walk Sunday 12 July 2015

Butterfly Walk with LWT

Butterfly Walk with LWT

July is a busy month for wildlife in London with stag beetles on the wing, kestrels fledging and swifts readying for their return to Africa. LWT has a lot of events coming up, so of which are (almost) in our Borough!