Animals can live in many different places (habitats).  adaption is a way an animal’s body helps it survive or live in its environment (or its habitat).  For example, Polar bears have long white fur to help protect them from the cold and for camouflage.  Where as humans have to  ADAPT to the environment and climate they are in by wearing less clothes in hot places and more clothes in cold places.

A habitat is a place where animals and plants live.  Habitats are places such as woodlands, deserts, ponds and oceans.  Animals and plants have adapted to their different habitats.  Frogs spend their time near water when it is time to lay their eggs.

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Adaptation Worksheets                   

Adaptation Worksheet 020Why wouldn’t you find a polar bear in the desert?
Adaptation Worksheet 021Adaptation –missing words

Adaptation Worksheets answers

Adaptation Worksheet 021a – Adaptation –missing words (answers)