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Free half term activity – Make your own Bird Feeder to take away!



Join Nature’s Gym and ChART to make your own bird feeder to take away.  It is of course important to feed birds all year round, but it is especially important in winter when their food is not so easy to come by.  Birds require high energy (high fat) foods during the cold winter weather to maintain their fat reserves to survive the frosty nights which is why we will be using bird seed and peanut butter.

Be prepared to get a little bit mucky, so it might be best to wear clothes you don’t mind getting covered in peanut butter and nuts!

The RSPB website will provide you with a lot more information about how you can help birds and attract them to your garden.


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Evening bird walk at Sydenham Hill Wood – Thursday 19 May, 7pm-9pm

Guided bird walk with London Wildlife Trust in Sydenham Hill Wood

Tawny Owl © Daniel Greenwood

Tawny Owl © Daniel Greenwood

Join the Sydenham Hill Wood Conservation Officer for a guided bird walk.  You will be listening to and observing the array of bird species present at the Wood.

June is the height of the bird breeding season, meaning that birds will be most active before the later summer reccesses when many species begin to moult after a tiring few months of raising young and defending territories.

You are likely to see the staple woodland species of wren, robin, blackbird, woodpigeon, and to hear migrant blackcap and chiffchaff, as well as nuthatch and stock dove. There is always an outside chance of kestrel, sparrowhawk and our resident tawny owl.

Please wear suitable footwear for a woodland with rugged paths, steps and gentle inclines. If there is prolonged heavy rain, thunderstorms or high winds the walk will be cancelled.

This is a free walk and all are welcome. Donations to London Wildlife Trust are welcome.

Event location

Inside the Crescent Wood Road gate by the London Wildlife Trust noticeboard
Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox’s Walk,
Greater London,
SE26 6LS

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Dawn chorus walk in Sydenham Hill Wood, Saturday 16 April – 4.45am-7am

Magpie in Sydenham Hill Wood © John Walsh

Magpie in Sydenham Hill Wood © John Walsh

Join the London Wildlife Trust for an early morning bird walk in the woods

We’ll be looking and listening out for the many species of birds that use the woods at this time of year.

The dawn chorus is one of the most important dates in nature’s calendar. Sydenham Hill Wood is a part ancient and secondary woodland with a diverse strcuture of habitats. This means the Wood is rich in biodiversity and is especially good for its bird species.

Recent dawn chorus walks have led to encounters with kestrel, song thrush, green woodpecker, nuthatch and hunting tawny owl. Though there is much to see at this time in the morning, the main purpose of the walk will be to tune into the aural ambience of this very special landscape.

Meeting point is inside the southern entrance to Sydenham Hill Wood on Crescent Wood Road.

There is no need to book and the walk is free; but if you would like to make a contribution to London Wildlife Trust your donations are most welcome.

Event location

Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox’s Walk
Greater London,
SE26 6LS

Image of magpie in Sydenham Hill Wood © John Walsh


Bird Walk at Dacres Wood – 13 March 2016, 7.30am

You are invited to a Bird Walk on Sunday 13th March 7.30am led by our local bird enthusiast Paul who will help us spot the birds in this active time of year in both Dacres Wood and Mayow Park. There are a number of species in both locations and in the reserve we hope you’ll see a green woodpecker, sparrow hawk and stock dove and the mallards or moorhen on the pond.

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Bird Walk, Tuesday 16th February, 8am-9.30am at Crystal Palace Park

Guided bird walk in one London’s most famous parks

Join London Wildlife Trust for a guided walk of Crystal Palace Park in search of some of the amazing birds found there

The top of the park is one of the highest points in South London which means that it supports a number of birds which drop in during migration. Birds like the whitethroat, blackcap and chiffchaff arrive in April from as far away as Africa to breed in the scrub and woodland on the Crystal Palace Parade ridge

As a relic of the Great North Wood, Crystal Palace Park has a rich natural and cultural history. It was Penge Common until 1827, a 500 acre common with ancient woodland and grassland. Local people once travelled specifically to Penge Common to hear nightingales, an African migrant songbird which is now lost to the local area.

Where: Crystal Palace rail station, Crystal Palace Park, Crystal Palace, London
When: Tuesday 16th February, 8am-9.30am
Cost: Free

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Winter bird walk in South London, Sunday 14 February 2016, 9am-10.30am

Guided walk in Sydenham Hill Wood to find winter birds

Love London’s woodland birds this Valentine’s Day!

Join London Wildlife Trust for a guided walk to discover the range of birds present in Sydenham Hill Wood.  Winter sees the return of the iconic firecrest, redwing, fieldfare, siskin and an influx of robin, goldfinch and chaffinch. It’s also a great time to see birds because the trees are bare

Sydenham Hill Wood supports a stunning array of breeding birds in the summer months, but winter is the best time to look for harder to spot birds like the nuthatch, tree creeper, and to spot flocks of redwing

If you love Sydenham Hill Wood please help us protect it in the long term by becoming a London Wildlife Trust member

Where: Inside the Crescent Wood Road gate, Sydenham Hill Wood & Cox’s Walk, Dulwich, London
Sunday 14th February, 9am-10.30am
Cost: This is a free walk, donations towards our work are welcome

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A pair of peregrine falcons have returned to nest in Lewisham


A pair of peregrine falcons which have made their home on the roof of the old Citibank building in Molesworth Street have returned to roost.


The couple have become the proud parents of four chicks and nest site monitor John Chapman from the London Peregrine Partnership is keen to make people aware of what to do if they see a chick out of the nest.

He said: “People have a habit of moving them, we do not want that.

“We want people to ring us and we can come along and pick the bird up.

“There’s no reason for them to remove the bird from the area, nine times out of ten the parents know where it is.”

Mr Chapman added the best place to see the chicks and their parents would be in front of the police station.

Peregrine’s have also been spotted at the Greenwich Clocktower

Under UK law it is a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take a peregrine falcon.

If anyone spots a peregrine falcon chick out of the nest they should call John Chapman on 07894 030938.