April-June 2021 Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership

Thank you all who joined our meeting last week. We had a very busy agenda starting with a presentation by Steve Bolton from Butterfly Conservation about their new 4-year project, Big City Butterflies. There are many opportunities to get involved in the project (e.g. receiving training, organising events, get advice on habitat management) so please find further details in the presentation attached and contact Steve (sbolton@butterfly-conservation.org) directly if you would like to be involved in any activities.

We also selected the projects that will receive funding from the Kenneth White Legacy Award this year. Thank you again for all the amazing applications and for your votes on the projects which made selection easier. We received 13 applications and will be able to fund 9 projects for a total of £2,641 delivered by the following groups:

  1. Christ the King Sixth Forms
  2. Friends of Brookmill Park
  3. Friends of Home Park
  4. Buckthorne Road (Fourth Reserve)
  5. Albion Millennium Green
  6. Dacres Wood Group
  7. Oldstead Road Allotments
  8. Grove Park Community Group
  9. Chinbrook Community Orchard

Please find attached the minutes and slides from the meeting

Highlights for the quarter:

The Kenneth White Legacy Award will fund 17 bird boxes, 7 bat boxes, 3 wildlife cameras, a hedgehog house, planting a hedge, native plants and fruit trees to improve 9 sites for biodiversity in Lewisham.

3 Rivers Clean Up took place in May and June with 21 sessions organised by partnership members and involving 167 people, collecting 191 bags of litter and pulling over 5000 Himalayan Balsam plants (photo by QWAG).

QWAG volunteers

Peregrine falcon pair nesting on St Paul’s Church in Deptford and other birds of prey spotted across the borough including tawny owl in Grove Park, and red kite and buzzard in Beckenham Place Park.

Friends of Hilly Fields published a booklet based on the monthly bird surveys they have been doing since 2007. The booklet includes information on 51 bird species and other useful information on Hilly Fields and birds. Please see further details here.

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