Crofton Park Railway Garden

Crofton Park Railway Garden
Crofton Park Railway Garden

Crofton Park Railway Garden launch their new website and crowdfunding campaign to raise the rest of the funds to complete the garden and allow it to open to everyone for the grand opening, which is being planned for the Saturday 1st of June 2019 (more info soon).

Visit the new website and read all about how the garden came to be on the About page and what progress has been made by the community gardeners over time on their News Blog pages.

The landscaping works are now well underway and planned to complete beginning of April 2019. The garden will not be the same without all the finishing touches, like planting and seating and tools, etc to help maintain the garden.

Please visit the Donate page to find out how your kind donations can help complete the garden. Once complete, the garden will open Mon-Sat daily during the day time. This new transformed green space at the heart of the Crofton Park Town Centre will become a new destination and meeting point for everyone to use and enjoy.

The community gardeners (Friends Group) will continue to be responsible for maintaining the garden, as before, in line with their Partnership Agreement with Govia Thameslink Rail. However, once opened everyone in the neighbourhood using the space is expected to respect the efforts of the volunteers and keep it clean and tidy for all to benefit.

The community gardeners would like to hear from anyone who would like to join the ‘Friends Group’ and be more active in managing the garden going forward. Please email:

Please subscribe direct to the Railway Garden mailing list by filling in the form here, to stay in touch with the garden news, volunteer days, special events, and to an invite to the opening event.


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