Crofton Park Railway Garden Open Days

Crofton Park Railway Garden Open Days

Crofton Park Railway Garden Harvest Open Days

The garden volunteers welcome you to this year’s harvest open days:

Capital Growth – The Urban Harvest

Event: The Urban Harvest – Community gardens across the capital will be open on Saturday 16 September to welcome in visitors and volunteers to take part in garden activities and share the harvest as a community.

Date: 16 September 2017

Time 10-1pm


Event: Croftfest is taking place on 30 September this year with many activities around the neighbourhood. The garden will be open this year too.

Date: 30 September 2017

Time: 12-5pm

Open Day Activities

  • We will have a mini-popup market with harvest produce, seed packets and plants
  • Gardening tasks for anyone wanting to help prune, dig, clear, sow, weed
  • Look around and find out about forthcoming plans

Call to Action

  • We are always looking for regular volunteers to join a small group of dedicated local residents working towards transforming this space, and making Crofton Park greener.
  • We’d also like to hear from anyone who is a landscape gardener, landscape contractor, arborist, etc, who might be able to volunteer some time, or cost up some of the works. Please forward details if you know anyone who might be interested in helping us implement our plans.
  • We are also looking for any spare compost, good solid plant pots, spare functioning garden tools, etc. We don’t want spare junk, but if you feel you might have something useful for us, please get in touch. Email us photos to see if it might be something we need.

We really appreciate all the support offered thus far and look forward to commuinicating our continued progress over the coming year.

Hope to see you then. Please feel free to forward to your friends.
Please note other opening days on the website and follow us on Twitter @CroftonGarden for further info.


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