Workdays at Albion Millennium Green

Albion Millennium Green
Albion Millennium Green

The Friends of Albion Millennium Green write:

Dear friends and supporters, just a note to let you know that the next workday on Albion Millennium Green will be on the scheduled day Saturday 14th May, 10.30-2.30. The main tasks will be:

1: Stacking the large cut timber into piles;
2: Removing the dumped rubble from the edge of Albion Villas Road in the hedge. This would probably  fill 5-6 rubble bags;
3: Moving wood chip away from near the main gate to a storage area under the large Chestnut tree;
4: Collecting litter;
5: Taking out some of the newly rooted brambles from where they are encroaching on the mown grass areas and paths.

Here is a copy of their2016 calendar of activities and events.

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